Not Without My Chocolate is a free service to bring a smile on people’s faces and a support to local chocolate, pastry, coffee and gelato shops and restaurants in this time of crisis. It is a call to all to promote their local establishments where it is still possible to operate.

The initiative was born from the desire to support the community of chefs, pastry chefs and chocolate makers, hard hit by the quarantine situation during this Easter season, one of the most important of the year for them - and the last one before the year-end Holidays… It was important that this support, like chocolate, brings happiness and a smile.

Home delivery, take-outs and gift-cards are essential to limit the spread of the pandemic while keeping businesses afloat. They are also an opportunity to create a new event or tradition: home delivery of Easter chocolates by rabbits or other fabulous characters! Don’t you think? wink

After April 13th, this site will continue to operate and support local food service businesses – with maybe a few less rabbits, but with the same energy and wish to maintain the activity going until we get back to opening the doors of businesses everywhere!

To make this possible, the most beloved professional chocolate brands in the world came together to offer their support in collaboration with an expert in relational analytics with much affinity with the world of chocolate.



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